A New Book of Cartoons by James Mellor

Coming this Autumn, or possibly delayed for three month. Or longer. Or revoked entirely. No! Definitely coming this Autumn – ‘do or die’.

My latest book is a journey back through the past three years of Brexit turbulence and an attempt to see the funny side. Featuring cartoons from the referendum, the negotiations, the countdown to the Brexit-Day-that-wasn’t, and beyond.  This cartoon compilation tells the story of Brexit, with its deal and derailments, its splits and the spats, and features a familiar cast of hopeless politicians, bemused onlookers and anthropomorphic animals. 

As the Article 50 clock ticks down to a Halloween deadline, be reassured that anyone who purchases copies directly from this site will once again be rewarded with bonus cartoon content. This will include all the cartoons relating to our current chaos under a new PM with a new plan and, given when the deadline currently sits, will need a suitable name. Boris’ Nightmare on Downing Street is the working title.

Further details will become available soon, and the opportunity to pre-order copies. There will also be news about special editions and charity editions. Please watch this space.

Brexit – A Drawn-Out Process featuring Routemasters! A greasy pole! Pirates! And Oxo Cubes!