Welcome to this month’s cartoon selection.  There’s something of a sci-fi theme this month, with a car being launched into space, the 30th anniversary of Red Dwarf and a drawing challenge based around the classic film, This Island Earth.  February also included the Winter Olympics, the start of the Six Nations and (of course) more Brexit developments.

There was also some exciting personal news as I was invited to exhibit some of my work in the real world by House of Fraser at their new Rushden Lakes site in Northants.  The exhibition day will include live drawing, a chance to buy books (though you can also find them here) and is free to the public.  You can see more details here: Art Exhibition – 10th March

Hopefully there will be several other live events, conferences and courses coming up in March which I can report back on next time and share some of the cartoons created.  Watch this space… 

Until then, please enjoy the cartoons and I wish you the best of luck sheltering from ‘The Beast From The East’ – stay warm!