A review of the year in JMC cartoons

Welcome to a gallery featuring the best JMC cartoons from 2020. The collection includes published works, competition winners, and a few that I happen to just really like.

This year has been challenging for everyone, I think. Though I have remained well, the pressures of 2020 have meant that I have not updated this blog as often as I should. Sorry about that. It’s a shame because, as horrid as this year has been, it has inspired some work that I’m rather proud of.

The year in cartoons

This post is a chance to share some of these cartoons with you and to use these illustrations to look back on the year. Obviously, Covid-19 dominates the gallery but it is not exclusively pandemic related. Brexit rumbled towards a conclusion (sort of) and there was the small matter of the US 2020 Presidential Election.

There are also a couple of oddities thrown in for good measure. Amongst the current affairs and politics you will find some hungry dragons, a pirate scene created for my daughter, and a drawing of a man fighting an elephant seal (which actually won a prize!).

Corporate cartoons

You can also find cartoons which graced company newsletters, conference literature, and publicity campaigns, and it goes without saying that you are always most welcome to commission cartoons for yourself or your business – just send me an email.

At the close of the year I released my collection of cartoons relating to the biggest story of 2020, the coronavirus pandemic. Drawn From Lockdown is a light-hearted look at how our lives have changed during the year and is available to buy exclusively from this site.

Here’s to a brighter 2021

As the world (hopefully) return to normality I will endeavour to resume normal service here on my site. I hope to share cartoon updates more often and to keep you in touch with the various projects I’m working on – partly in case you would like to commission something similar yourself but also because I think you might enjoy them.

I wish a belated Happy Christmas to you all and all the best for 2021. Until next time, I hope you enjoy the cartoons.