I wouldn’t have predicted that fans of cathedral architecture and their overseas excursions would feature so heavily in this selection, but there you go.  Also last month, a hurricane battered the US, controversy continued to batter the US President and, closer to home, the maelstrom of party conference season began.

However, the highlight of September for me was the privilege of being appointed Honorary Historian to the Guild of Entrepreneurs of the City of London.  If you’ve been following these monthly updates, it is likely you’ll be aware of my passion for History.  Some of you may have read Drawn From History and a few of you may have seen the limited edition Great Entrepreneurs from History

History is my background and it is a delight to explore the past whenever I can through my written or illustrative work.  To be given the title of Historian and the task to record the story of one of London’s newest and most exciting Guilds is a wonderful opportunity and will, I’m sure, inspire some future cartoons along the way.

Until next time I hope you enjoy the cartoons.  Feel free to contact me at the usual address if you require any picture for your self or your business (especially bearing in mind that big winter festival slowly but surely creeping into view…).

Best wished,