It’s coming home? At the time of writing it still might be.  We’ll have to see what happens between now and my July update.  Whatever the outcome, the World Cup has certainly provided great inspiration for cartoons.  A tournament hosted by Russia was always going to add an interesting political element to the mix.

Away from Russia (geographically, at least…) Donald Trump was insulting allies in Canada, befriending enemies in Singapore and horrifying onlookers on the US/Mexico border.  His negotiating strategy of propose something outlandish (money for a wall) then enact something even more outrageous (separating families) in order to make his original demand seem relatively reasonable seems not to have worked for him in this instance.  Using children as bargaining chips was a step too far in anyone’s book.

Closer to home it is Summer.  Not British Summer with cold, perpetual rain, and floods but actual Summer, with sun, barbecues and hosepipe bans.  In the balmy sunshine we have learned what ‘nighthawking’ is, seen a third runway approved for Heathrow and observed the ‘Labour Live’ debacle (from a distance).

There has been plenty of inspiration from the month’s events.  If anything in the news inspires you or relates to your business, please feel free to contact me and have a bespoke cartoon rapidly created to raise your profile, deliver your message/take on events or just to demonstrate your sense of humour.  Creating at speed is my speciality but if you have more time to prepare (for an upcoming conference or event, for example) please take a look at my booklets and special edition books which you can customise and order as unique executive merchandise or gifts.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the cartoons.

Kind regards,