March was a month which posed a lot of questions: Are witch hunts in Washington DC OK given that the witches are real, how many sub-referendums does it take to answer a question (by SNP logic) and has Hollywood run so low on ideas that everything successful must be rebooted?  This month’s selection of JMC cartoons address these pressing matters.

Probably the most significant question posed during March was a resounding ‘What now?’ after Article 50 was triggered on the 29th. I created a special bipartisan ‘interactive’ cartoon for the occasion which can be found here.  The answers to ‘What now?’ so far seem to range from different coloured passports to war with Spain but Brexit will surely provide more illustrative inspiration in months to come.

April promises to be a busy month too, with Easter cartoon commissions arriving – if you require any pictures for cards or social media please feel free to contact me.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this months cartoon selection.


James Mellor is the author of Drawn From History – a cartoon journey through Britain’s past which you can find and purchase here