November 2017 has been an extremely busy month in a very busy year.  Most significantly, November marked the launch of my second book, Drawn From 2017 – the year in cartoons.  It’s a privilege and honour to have another opportunity to see my cartoons in print for the second time and I’m really rather thrilled.  I’ve covered the book elsewhere on the site so I won’t go into further detail here but I will say this:

If you’re interested in buying a copy for yourself, a gift for someone else, or copies to be gifts for others, it would be great if you bought the book here on this site.  It is also available on amazon – where, should you choose to, you can leave a nice review – and all other good booksellers.

November also marked the culmination of my work with the Guild of Entrepreneurs (for now…) with the publication of my booklet Great Entrepreneurs from History, the Guild Trust’s official Christmas cards and the donation of my original hand-drawn artwork to the Guild’s premises at the London Capital Club.

All this, combined with the usual Christmas card and calendar illustration orders has left less time for creating my own work.  I’m afraid this month’s selection is slightly thinner on the ground than normal, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless.  Also, it is only the very start of December so if you still require any illustrations for Christmas there is still time to get in touch.  Alternatively, you can find some ready made cards to order here.

I hope you enjoy the cartoon and the book. Until next time.