December is here and we in the thick of Christmas preparations and a General Election campaign. In the thick of some very thick election campaigns, as it would happen. So constant is the reporting of the election, it almost makes one wish for the ‘good old days’ when we had wall-to-wall Brexit coverage instead.

Speaking of Brexit – my latest book is still available and, if you ask me, it would make a rather good Christmas present. It’s available at all good retailers and on this very website that you are currently looking at. How convenient.

The usual busy Christmas run-in is in full swing and I am sketching out bespoke Christmas eCards for businesses, creating special edition books as corporate gifts, and have been live drawing at some festive events – take a look at the photos (and the view) from 10Eighty’s party at The Shard.

I will try and upload a collection of the Christmas themed work that’s been going on before the big day as, well, it’s usually quite nice and uplifting. Unlike the dispiriting and miserable election – which has crept into a couple of the cartoons below, though hopefully in an amusing way!

Until the next time, I hope you enjoy the cartoons.