From time to time, writing words and creating content for others produces some really pleasant surprises.  It’s great to see clients’ satisfaction and pleasure at reading content written for them which meets or exceeds their expectations, but even better when the very process of creating the material has provided them with with a profound psychological boost.

Communicating complex information

artificial-intelligenceI’ve recently been engaged in a four month long project to create new written marketing content on behalf of a school of researchers who are producing some truly advanced work in the fields of computing, mathematics and engineering – not just creating new apps or software, but fundamentally redesigning systems from the ground up.

The tech industry is competitive and understandably secretive and cagey about new developments.  Fortunately, I lack the technical expertise to understand this world well enough to leak any information of value.  Suffice to say, when applied to transport networks, financial systems, and digital community hubs, this research stands to impact the way we all live our daily lives.

The big picture

This type of pioneering research requires teams of specialists working together, with each individual focussing on their particular algorithms or models.  This is where a sense of tunnel vision can creep in and those involved can lose sight of the wood for their particular tree.  This is where someone with an outside perspective can serve to remind those at the coalface of the implications, impact and significance of their labour.

Working closely with the researchers I was able to glean the relevant information needed to convey their message to fellow academics and potential collaborators from business and industry.  The interviews and discussions that made up this process also allowed the researchers to take a step back and to consider the big picture – the world their research was creating.

Global impact

Amongst other things, their research is being used to improve transport efficiency across Europe, fight cyber crime worldwide, create more affordable and precise treatments for cancer and to help predict and cope with the changes brought by global warming.  “Do we really do that?” was a frequent question.  The answer was yes.

It was genuinely exciting to be part of a project which helped those involved in specialised research to realise the true global extent of their work’s impact.  This research community now possesses a catalogue of adaptable written copy communicating their vision and mission, complete with case studies and partnership testimonials.  Equally important, was the process of creating that catalogue.

The Journey

The process encouraged those deeply involved in research to take a step back, adopt an outside perspective and appreciate their own achievements.  It was a pleasant surprise to witness the effects of this shift in perspective and a thoroughly rewarding project to have been a part of.