I consider myself to be creative.  I can research, write and illustrate.  I genuinely enjoy using these skills to help others.  I believe that I am good at this, and previous clients would agree.

As for research, I have worked for  Universities, Business Schools and other academic establishments; I have also worked for  various local and national businesses.  My love for research stems back to my university degree, during which some of my findings were published in an academic book about the life and trial of Joan of Arc.  This confirmed my belief that thorough, grounded research was the essential springboard to any step forward.

I have written extensively and have never confined myself to just one topic.  The history of sport and military history may well be my personal areas of interest but I have written articles, webpages, and materials on many, varied topics.  I have helped to produce written material for individuals looking to sell properties in the Caribbean, looking to publicise their  work with young people, or looking to advertise their restaurants.

I create drawings, paintings, photographs and installations.  I’m a strong believer in the power of images.  A well worded essay can grab the attention of the reader and a well worded website can make a potential client take notice, but a striking image can captivate somebody immediately.   My personal artwork has been on display in public galleries and I have provided illustrations for books, presentations and as prizes for tournaments.

I offer all three of these services:  Research, Writing and Illustrating.  Perhaps together – perhaps not.  They are not mutually exclusive; they can work very well together or can be very effective when employed on their own.  You may want an idea to be researched, written about and illustrated or you may just want some pictures to enliven your own prose.  I thoroughly enjoy what I do and would love to hear from you if I could help you out, so please contact me to find out more.