Who will climb the greasy pole to reach the uncertain prize?  The Tory leadership contest has become considerably less fun to cover now the candidates have been whittled down to just two.  There were some interesting and different characters to draw for a while and I was hoping (from an artistic point of view) that a Stewart/Johnson contest might emerge. 

Below, as usual, are a selection of cartoons from the last month, drawn for various clients for various purposes but with the shared intention of raising a smile.  With the notable exception of the DDay 75 picture, which was created to mark the occasion rather than find fun.  The search for the next PM and inheritor to Brexit has dominated the front pages, but June has been packed full of events ripe for cartoons.

Donald Trump paid a State Visit, which was greeted with all the commotion one would expect.  The climate emergency reached into several news stories, with the ejection of protesters from a dinner, the development of new trains, and debate over Heathrow’s new runway.  Television has been dominate by not one but two World Cups taking place and the grim yet gripping reality drama, Chernobyl.

If any of the cartoons below make you laugh or think and you would like to have a discussion about how cartoon messaging could be used to support your business, or how cartoons might liven up your publication, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Until next time though, please enjoy the cartoons.

Best Wishes,