For this cartoonist, the highlight of the last month was most definitely having my cartoons published in Private Eye magazine for the first time.  It was a long-held ambition and I was genuinely thrilled to see my work alongside that of some of the UK’s best and funniest artists.  If you didn’t pick up one of the editions you can find my pictures here in the gallery.

Sadly(?) both feature the B word but, thanks to a parliamentary break, this month has been something of a break from the usual topics.  There was even time to explore a little popular culture, with cartoons about Game of Thrones and Line of Duty which feature below.  Brexit coverage will no doubt resume shortly.

I’ve also been working on another company website, which is due to launch in the coming days – this time featuring cartoons of all the senior staff at work and play – and provided illustrations for a book on hypnotherapy and dieting.  I’ll post some samples once I’m able, but if the mention has given you any inspiration for something similar on your own site or book then please get in touch and I’ll see how I can help.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy the cartoons.