I am delighted to announce that my new book, Drawn From 2017, will be launched next month.  The cartoon review of the year will feature cartoons from the worlds of politics, business, history, entertainment and culture and will include cartoon favourites from the past twelve months and new, previously unpublished illustrations.


James Mellor new bookWhy take a topical approach for this publication?  Well, crudely put, there’s a lot going on!  2017 has been a year of significant developments and it does feel as though we’re living through historic times.  With the triggering of Article 50 and the commencement of Brexit, a snap general election, the chaotic presidency of Donald Trump and the nuclear ambitions of North Korea, the breaking news has been incessant, occasionally terrifying but often ripe for cartooning.


Though my work covers a variety of different sectors, the events of this year have pulled much of my illustration back to the issues of the day.  Corporate clients have commissioned pieces on UK news, the events in my historical cartoons have taken on new meanings in the light of today and my own cartoons, published on social media have been inexorably drawn towards current affairs.  This book is intended to weave these threads together – and hopefully bringing some new aspects of the work I do to each audience.


Don’t worry though, this review of the year is also a review of my year – so you can still expect to find some of the stranger andsapphire jubilee sillier cartoons I’ve been working on.  Away from the newsroom, entrepreneurial zebras, industrious piglets and contemplative penguins all make an appearance.  You can also be assured that many of the topical cartoons are drawn from a sideways slant or surreal perspective.


bbc pay gapI will release further details about the launch and provide a pre-ordering service soon.  In the meantime (if you cannot wait!), you can contact me to register your interest and Drawn From History is still available to buy.  Until then, I would be very grateful if you would share the news of this impending publication and, by all means, get thinking about who you know that might appreciate a copy in their Christmas stocking.


All the best,