I can’t really pretend otherwise, the biggest cartoon news for me this month was the arrival of the first copies of Brexit – A Drawn-Out Process. My latest book will be published on 24th October and is already available to pre-order here.

But the world outside my book, and outside of Brexit, carries on and below you will find the traditional monthly gallery. This month features the Rugby World Cup (of course), the demise of Thomas Cook, and the departure of Speaker John Bercow.

Of course, the Brexit saga is also still rumbling on and it is worth pointing out that I’ve taken this into account with my book. The pages had to go to print before the Brexit deadline and, in any case, there’s no guarantee the 31st October will bring some manner of conclusion.

This being so, cartoons drawn during these final(?) weeks before the Halloween deadline will become available as a separate collection. Provisionally titled Nightmare on Downing Street, this companion piece will be free to everyone who orders a copy of the main book direct from this site.

So, find your copy here and in the meantime I hope you enjoy this month’s cartoons.

Best wishes,