I am delighted to announce that my fourth cartoon book, Quarantoons, has now been launched. Quarantoons: Cartoons From A New Normal is published by Filament Publishing and available from all good booksellers – including this site.

The book is a collection of my best work during whatever history will name this very strange period we have lived through. It’s a look at the funny side of lockdowns, facemasks, rules of six, furlough, jabs, and all the other odd things that have become commonplace in the past eighteen months. I am also very pleased that Dame Ruth Carnall DBE agreed to provide Quarantoons with a foreword.

There are swipes at our leadership, some very silly deviations, and even genuine work introducing public health measures(!). It is filled with the usual irreverent but gentle cartoons that, if you’ve been to this site before, you will hopefully be familiar with.

Quarantoons is on sale at this very site but if you are interested in placing a bulk order (25 copies or more) for your clients or staff or, indeed, many friends, then please contact me directly and I will endeavour to provide a discounted price. I can even include a bespoke foreword, if you would like to pen one.

As with my previous books, Quarantoons didn’t come about on its own. Nor even just thanks to me. I would like to extend my fullest thanks to my family, Filament Publishing, Lea Graham Associates, my proof-readers and the many and varied places these cartoons first appeared:

Private Eye Magazine, The Northants Telegraph, Dare Create Succeed, OVL Magazine, BedsLife Magazine, The Briars Group, Octomembers Group, Go NorthWest, The Herne Bay Cartoon Festival, and The Shrewsbury International Cartoon Festival.

If you would like to find out a little bit more about the book, my fellow cartoonists at the Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation lent me some space on their blog and you can read the article here.

I do hope you buy the book, or think of someone suitable to buy it for. In the meantime, here are a few of the cartoons that feature: